Have trouble cleaning your cast iron? We hear ya. Some scrubbers are too soft and won't get out the gunk. Some scrubbers are too harsh and cut into your seasoning. And some scrubbers like to keep a record of all the food you've eaten.  

The things we clean with can be the dirtiest thing in the kitchen.

Keeping our Cast Iron clean  was a tough problem we wanted to solve. Sponges and Steel Wool trapped food and grease letting them grow bacteria. 

Nobody wants that.

We were trying to find a cleaning solution that could be germ free, comfortable to hold, could tackle a tough job like scrubbing last night's meatloaf off a Cast iron pan and - it had to last forever. We know the value of a dollar. 

We couldn't find one product that could do all those things, so we set out to design our own solution. 

We partnered with chefs and Industrial kitchen staff to come up with a design that was comfortable, very easy to clean and made of quality materials that would last a lifetime. 

We came with up an innovative solution that had more scrubbing power than steel wool, would fit in the hands like a sponge, and could be thrown in the dishwasher to be kept germ free. 

The outer scouring rings are made from tough Surgical Grade Stainless Steel so they will never rust. They have a rounded profile designed to prevent scratching your Cast Iron skillet, stainless steel pan and glass cookware. 

The specially designed Silicone structure gently eases the scrubbing pressure to prevent scratching, yet is supportive enough to feel solid in the paw.

The special Flow-Thru design structure allows dirt, grease and food to wash right through. It will never trap food and harbor bacteria like traditional steel wool or a sponge. 

With a dab of detergent and a rinse, the scrubbing pad returns to new.  


Our cleaning pads come in two sizes.

Just right, and just righter.  

Our products are dishwasher safe.

The Food grade Silicone polymer core can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


We developed Sir Scrubbington to help you tackle those tough cast iron cleaning jobs while keeping your kitchen germ free. 

By using quality materials built to last, we developed a cleaning solution that will last as long as your Cast Iron. Your grandkid's grandkids will thank you. 

We have a 100 % money back guarantee so you can see if having a germ free easy cleaning solution is right for your kitchen.