"I was hesitant because of the cost. I see now the benefits of the price. I should have known better. Love the product. Please invent a tool that cleans the grooves in a grill pan!"

-Ellie D. 


"They're both great proucts and I'm using the little guy every day."



"Haha! I love my Sir Scubbington! My roommate loves it too, and was saying he was going to keep it for himself. It’s really nice to use on cast iron."

-Dane J. 


"1.5 years later and this scrubber is still the only thing that touches any of our cast iron! Such a cool concept and even cooler than it really works!!"

-Abbey K.


"The product has worked flawlessly.
Thank you."

-Greg C.


"Professional Chef approved!! I use these in the high volume, commercial kitchen I run as well as at home and they are awesome!! Worth every penny."

-Margot S.


"Being able to put the chainmail into the dishwasher makes cleaning a breeze, both the skillet and the chain. Great. Try it and you'll end up giving it to others!"

-Mary Sue K.


"Definitely the best product of its type on the market. I work in professional kitchens and this thing is ingenious. Cleans the most abused cast irons in no time. Definitely, recommend!"

-Ian R.